Pastoral Care

Our student wellbeing policies, structures and programs assist in the creation of an environment in which young people feel connected to school life and come to acknowledge, reflect on and understand the value of being men and women of competence, conscience and compassion.

The development of connectedness in a positive school environment is supported by our Mentor and Student Personal Development programs. These programs assist in the development of positive relationships, self-esteem, conflict resolution and other aspects of personal growth.

A well-structured student management process is in place, recognising the rights and responsibilities of all members in the school community. This structure is underpinned by the philosophy of Restorative Practices and is aligned with the framework Positive Psychology through an Ignatian Lens.

Restorative Practices embraces a discipline which encompasses clear expectations, boundaries and consequences, responsibility and accountability for one’s actions, as well as a high degree of support and nurturing.

It is based on the belief that when relationships are harmed we must work with all involved to restore the relationships. We view quality relationships as pivotal to good teaching and learning, and that the relationship between the teacher, student and parent is paramount to positive change.