May 12, 2020


Navigating my wellbeing during Covid-19 through an Ignatian Lens


  • People with whom you are truly present. People who have empathy with each other,
    care for and respect each other. People who want to help one another, support each
    other in difficult times and share each other’s good times. You don’t need to be a
    personal friend to someone to be a companion and you can be a companion to
    someone who may not always be at their best or whom you find difficult. In Ignatianspeak
    being ‘a person for and with others’.


Savour the Small Moments

  • The ability to be aware of your feelings during positive events
    Share your good feelings with others
    Take the time to use all your senses
    Smell, touch, sight and hearing




  • The quality of being thankful and the readiness to show appreciation
    Gratitude inducing activities:
    Complete a gratitude journal
    Write a gratitude letter or card to someone
    Personally, tell someone why you appreciate what they do



Random Acts of Kindness

  • Go out of your way to be of service to others
    Reach out to those that are vulnerable in our society
    Show initiative and help others:
    At school
    At Home
    In your community




  • Pray the Ignatian Examen for a sense of God’s presence, gratitude and hope for the