Year 7 Transition

Loyola College strives to ensure that all Year 7 students experience a smooth transition to secondary school.

Prior to commencing at the College, the following occurs:

  • Students in Grade 6 are visited by a College staff member.
  • The parents/guardians and students are invited to attend the College’s information evening.
  • Students attend an Orientation Day where they find out about their House, Mentor and subject groupings and have the opportunity to become familiar with the College and its surroundings.

Upon arrival in the new year, our Year 7 students meet their ‘buddies’ and take part in a pastoral program which allows students to familiarise themselves with their Mentor class as well as their BLG (base learning group).

In these first days, students are given access to their Surface Pro device and are taught how to navigate the most important applications. Year 7’s also complete Online Safety modules as a part of their orientation.

The transition into the College concludes with all Year 7 students attend the Belonging Camp in the middle of term 1.