Intercultural Perspectives

Intercultural Perspectives at Loyola College develops intercultural understanding in our staff and students. We seek to learn from, with and about people in a culturally diverse world.

At Loyola College we:

  • Celebrate diversity and intercultural understanding
  • Prepare students as global 21st Century citizens


Celebrating Diversity

Loyola College celebrates diversity through a number of initiatives:

Harmony Day, including lead-up pastoral program activities and a Harmony celebration day including special lunches and activities

Encouraging student leadership involvement in the planning and execution of activities that are designed to promote intercultural understanding

  • The ‘Culture Club’ co-curricular activity
  • Hosting and supporting student exchange visits
  • Providing opportunities for students to travel overseas as part of their curriculum
  • Supporting the ‘High Resolves’ program
  • Developing combined Sustainability/Intercultural learning days
  • Promoting a collaborative Australia/Indonesia project called ‘iDeas’
  • Participation in a DEECD Intercultural Field Trial
  • Welcoming indigenous students from North Western Australia
  • These various initiates are informed by Victorian government policy.


Indigenous Perspectives

Loyola College develops opportunities for contact and intercultural understanding between ourselves and the Australian indigenous community.


International Focus

Exchange Students

Loyola College annually hosts students from overseas on short term and long term exchanges. The number of students the College can accommodate is dependent on the availability of families to host a student. For long term exchanges (10 weeks or longer) families receive a weekly payment from the exchange student they are hosting. For more information about hosting an exchange student contact the Community Liaison or email

Homestay programs

Loyola College annually hosts students from its three sister schools located in Italy, France and Indonesia. Families are required to host these students for between 8 and 14 days. There is no payment involved as the College has a reciprocal arrangement with each sister school so that Loyola students traveling to these countries can be home stayed by the sister school they visit.

Bethlehem University Teacher Training

Loyola College partners with Bethlehem University in offering several of their teachers in training an opportunity to experience life in Australia while allowing staff and students of Loyola to learn about the traditions as well as the challenges of life in the Middle East.

International Immersions

Each year a small group of staff and students participate in the Jesuit Immersion Program to East Timor.

Study Tours

Loyola College offer a number of Overseas study tours each year that align with a range of curriculum areas. These tours are an amazing experience that bring together many aims of education and develop wonderful relationships with and between students and staff. Through travel, students will be given a unique opportunity to grow, build knowledge and develop resilience. Past international study tours have included Science trips to NASA, VET Hospitality Italian Immersion, Performing & Visual Arts Tours to New York, STEM Tours in Singapore, and a Ski Tour in New Zealand.

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